Neon - the cult of snap (remix) - Cult Films, Exploitation Films & Sundry Midnight Movie.

Driving a UTV through the absolutely crazy terrain of the desert is a unique experience you can’t get with most other vehicles. With a mix of speed and off-road agility, these vehicles let you take on the most daring off-road courses. We took a two hour off-road tour from Desert Off Road Adventures , which had us driving our 2-seat Arctic Cat Wildcat X far into the desert. Our tour took us through diverse desert terrain and we experienced portions of the famed Mint 400 off-road race course. Following our tour guide in the lead UTV, we sped through desert trails, climbed and descended the steep hills, wound through the sandy dunes, glided over rock and bumps, squeezed through trail openings and everything else the desert could throw at us. We took breaks to change drivers, hydrate, dust ourselves off and take in the views along the way. This tour offered us a variety of off-road experiences that made it a unique experience that we won’t forget.

Neon - The Cult Of Snap (Remix)Neon - The Cult Of Snap (Remix)Neon - The Cult Of Snap (Remix)Neon - The Cult Of Snap (Remix)